General Conditions of Sale

The present General Conditions of Sale govern the contractual relationship between MARIE LAPORTE SARL (RCS PARIS B 498 898 709), hereinafter referred to as « MARIE LAPORTE », and her customers and will apply in particular to all purchases from MARIE LAPORTE. They may be modified at any time, the conditions that apply being those valid on the day of the order.

Article 1: Order process

The customer selects her dress among the different models that are presented in store and in the catalogue. She can make combinations of different models on her own free will and following MARIE LAPORTE’s opinion and advice; however, the final decision only belongs to the customer.

Once she has confirmed her selection, the customer places the order with MARIE LAPORTE. The said order includes

A detailed view of the gown that has been ordered, either in the form of a drawing, or in the form of an explanatory leaflet referring to pictures of MARIE LAPORTE’s dresses, attached to the order form, the fabrics that have been chosen and the main measurements,the price of the dress that has been ordered, the day of the first appointment for the fitting and the delivery date.

It is explicitly agreed that all pictures of the products available on MARIE LAPORTE’s website, brochures, leaflets and other formats intended to present such products on the website and to indicate their name, have no contractual value. MARIE LAPORTE disclaims any responsibility for them, only the visuals attached to the order form apply on a compulsory basis.

It is explicitly agreed that the unit price appearing on the order form includes taxes and possible alterations made to the dress. However, any alteration requested by the customer after the order date for either the fabric, the drawing or the measurements of the dress, will be subject to an additional charge based on an estimate which will be submitted to the customer by MARIE LAPORTE. In the event of significant weight gain or an unexpected pregnancy, all the necessary alterations will be at the customer’s own expense. In case of disagreement regarding the price of the alterations, the gown will be made according to the initial sketch.

Article 2: Payment terms

Down payment is expected, which includes credit card, bank check, or cash, and is based on an invoice established by MARIE LAPORTE. In the event of non-payment, penalties for late payment – at a rate of 5% – will apply.

The total price shall be paid as follows:
–    30% of the total price when the order is made, 30% at the first fitting and the balance at the time of delivery. In the event of a bank transfer, it should be submitted 15 days before delivery

–    partial payments are considered as deposits: there will be no refund in the event of cancellation of the order and the customer shall pay 100% of the agreed price, even if the order is cancelled.

Dresses are tailor-made and respond to a bespoke request, thus the customer, in case of cancellation, cannot request credit from MARIE LAPORTE for the total price.

Article 3: Deadlines

Deadlines set out at the time of order are binding on MARIE LAPORTE as much as on the customer. If either party cannot keep any of the fitting or delivery appointments, she shall inform the other at least 24h in advance.

If the deadlines are not met by the customer, MARIE LAPORTE shall not be held accountable for any late delivery.

Article 4: Force majeure

MARIE LAPORTE shall not be held accountable for any potential stock shortage of fabric, late delivery, strikes (including transport infrastructures) or force majeure and, in general, for any event which is not exclusively or directly attributable to her.

Article 5: Personal Data

In accordance with the French law on Information Technologies, Files and Freedoms of 6th January 1978, you have the right to access, rectify and delete any personal information related to you and collected by MARIE LAPORTE. This information can only be used to process your order and to guide relations between you and MARIE LAPORTE, it will not be communicated to any third party, whoever it is, and will be destroyed once your order is produced and you have paid the balance.

You may exercise those rights by contacting MARIE LAPORTE at her postal address: 48 rue Levis – 75017 PARIS or by email: