How to make an appointment?

You can call Christine, +33621561265.
Or contact us by email:

What happens at the first meeting?

On the first meeting, you will try on prototypes of the models that you saw on the website. Five to six models in an hour, accompanied by an advisor to guide you in your selection.

What are the next steps if I order my dress from Marie Laporte?

Gowns are tailor-made.

Three appointments over a period of six to eight months are required for the fitting.
Approximately one fitting every two months… allowing you ample time to fantasize about the surprise we are planning in the studio!

What is the average price of a gown?

The average price for a long gown is between 2900 and 3800 euros.

Am I allowed to take photos of the fittings?

Two photos, one front view, one back view.

Can I bring guests?

Yes you can, but no more than two!

Can I change the basic models?

Yes, we can change some details, sleeves, necklines, fabrics.
However, you should be consistent and respect the spirit of the designer.

Can I come wearing make-up?

You can come wearing a little bit of make-up; the best would be no make-up at all! Our gowns are white and fragile!

Can I carry my dress easily?

Our gowns are very light and will be handed over to you in an opaque cover that you can fold in half during transport.